Two Way, Double Deck , Flush , Non - Reversible Stringer Pallet.
Two Way, Single Deck , Flush , Non Reversible, Stringer Pallet.
Two Way, Double Deck , Flush , Non-Reversible Stringer Pallet.
Partial Four Way, Double Deck , Flush , Non Reversible Stringer Pallet.
Two Way, Single Deck Single Wing , Stringer Pallet.
Two Way, Double Deck , Single Wing , Non Reversible Stringer Pallet.
Two Way Double Deck , Double Wing , Reversible Stringer Type Pallet.
Full Four Way, Double Deck , Flush , Non Reversible Block Pallets.

This two way entry pallet has bottom boards to permit transporter and forklift truck handling. The wider spacing on the bottom of the boards is  utilized to reduce the amount of lumber and weight while at the same time retaining the physical advantages of double Decker pallets.


This pallet or skid is usually classified as a stringer pallet. Single deck means the pallet has only top deck boards and the term non -reversible indicates that they cannot be used properly when turned upside down. Often referred to as skids, which are pallets with no bottom deck boards, they are the  most economic pallet to build and take up less space because they can be interlocked or nested during storage. They are useful for dense concentrated loads when bottom deck boards are not essential and typical uses include dairy, paper, brick, soda and certain building materials that are not subject to crushing failure.

This stringer pallet has deck boards spaced identically on the top   and bottom which permits the pallets to be reversed. It contains more wood than other styles and is thus very stiff. The bottom deck assists in distributing the bearing forces and so this type of pallet is often utilized with loads that are susceptible to crushing   failures . They can only be handled with forklift trucks.

This partial four way entry stringer pallet is the most common in North America. It is versatile, permitting four way handling with fork lifts and two way handling with pallet trucks or transporters.

This two way entry, single deck, single wing, non reversible stringer pallet consists of  top deck boards that protrude beyond the stringers and are designed for use with straddle forklift trucks, cargo slings , bars as well as conventional forklift trucks and transporters. They permit use of narrower aisles in warehouses where proper material handling equipment is available. An added feature of the wing is that it can assist in the securing of stretch wrap when applied to unit loads.

This pallet is similar to the two way, single deck, wing style, however with the addition of bottom deck boards they are much stiffer and thus more durable. In this style, the top deck boards extend over the outside edge of both inside stringers (the wing) while the bottom deck boards remain flush with the stringer edges.

This two way design, double wing pallet is reversible and thus has the same amount of top and bottom deck boards. Due to the extension of the deck boards beyond the stringers, it is often referred to as the strongest pallet design.

Block pallets are the most common style of pallets used in Europe and their use in North America is increasing. The vast majority of block pallets have nine blocks which are located at the four corners, mid way across the width, and at the geometric centre of the pallet. Due to the fact that they allow for lift truck fork and transport entry in all directions, they are referred to as full 4 way.

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