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annularly threaded nail - pallet nail with annular (ring) threads rolled onto shank


banding notch - see strap slot


butted deckboard - an inner deckboard placed tightly against an adjacent lead deckboard during pallet assembly to reduce damage to the unit load caused when fork trucks mishandle the pallet


bottom deck - assembly of deckboards comprising the lower, load-bearing surface of the pallet


CAD - computer-aided-design software that allows the design of the "right" pallet at the best value; see Pallet Design System (PDS)


captive pallet - a pallet intended for use within the confines of a single facility, a pallet retrieval/recovery system or company; not intended to be "exchanged"


chamfered deckboard - a deckboard with the edges of one or two faces beveled, either along the full or specified length of board or between the stringers or blocks, facilitating entry of pallet-jack wheels and tines of forklift trucks


closed "loop" or closed distribution system - a shipping system restricted to moving goods between specified plants and facilities


cost-per-trip - average cost of pallet or container use for a single one-way movement of the unit load consisting of four to six handlings


deck - top or bottom surface of the pallet, consisting of one or more boards or panels, with or without space between the elements


deck mat - the assembly of deckboards and stringerboards or a solid sheet of material, forming the deck of a block pallet


deckboard - a single element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringerboard


deckboard spacing - the distance between adjacent deckboards


doubIe-deck pallet - a pallet with both top and bottom decks

double-wing pallet - a pallet with top and bottom deckboards or decks extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringerboards


drive-screw nail - continuously helically threaded or fluted pallet nail


economic life - the number of trips the pallet will make over its lifetime, provided it is properly repaired, which maximizes the return on the investment (an output of the PDS software)


exchange pallet - a multiple-use pallet intended for use among a designated group of shippers and receivers where possession of the pallet is transferred with the ownership of the unit load; pool pallet


expendable pallet - a pallet intended for a limited series of handlings during a single unit load movement from shipper to receiver; see limited-use pallet