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fastener - a device for connecting pallet components such as nails, staples, screws, bolts, lag bolts, adhesives and welds

flush pallet - a pallet with deckboards flush with the stringers, stringerboards or blocks along the ends and sides of the pallet fork entry - the opening between decks, beneath the top deck and ground or beneath the stringerboards to admit the forks of a lifting device (i.e. fork truck, AS/RS, pallet jack)




four-way block paIlet - a pallet with openings at both opposite pallet ends and sides sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks; full four-way entry pallet

hand (wheel) jack opening - the aperture provided in the pallet bottom deck to allow pallet jack wheels to bear on the ground; window

handling - a single pick-up; movement as a result of picking up, transporting, and setting down of an empty or loaded pallet

hardwood - a wood from broad-leaved tree species (not necessarily hard in texture or dense)

helically threaded naiI - continuous helically threaded pallet nail; see drive-screw nail

inner deckboard - any deckboard located between the end deckboards; interior deckboard

length - refers to the stringer or stringerboard length; also refers to the first dimension given to describe a pallet, i.e, 48" x 40", where 48" is the pallet stringer or stringerboard length

limited-use pallet - a pallet designed for an average of up to nine trips, with an average of five handlings per trip in an average environment; single-trip pallet; one-trip pallet; one-way pallet; expendable pallet; shipping pallet

multiple-use pallet - a pallet designed for repeated uses for more than one unit load with an average minimum life-to-first repair of ten trips or more, with an average of five handlings per trip in an average handling environment; multiple-trip pallet; returnable pallet; reusable pallet; warehouse pallet; permanent pallet; general-purpose pallet; special-service pallet; through-transit pallet

NationaI Wooden Pallet and Container Association - an international association with the goal of promoting the design, manufacture, distribution, recycling, and sale of pallets, containers, and reels

non-reversible pallet - a pallet with a dissimilar top and bottom deck configuration or without a bottom deck

notch - filleted cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length and 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" in height.

notched stringer - a stringer with two or more notches spaced for fork-tine entry (partial four-way entry)

opening height - the vertical dimension measured between decks, from the floor to the underside of the top deck, or from the floor to the top of the stringer notch

overall height
- the vertical dimension measured from the pallet bottom to the pallet top

overhang - the distance the deck or deckboard extends from the outer face of the outer pallet stringer, stringerboard, or block; wing; lip; cantilever; distance the unit load extends beyond the deck