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shipping pallet - a pallet designed to be used for a one-direction movement of the unit load from shipper to receiver; it is then recycled or disposed; see limited use pallet

single-wing pallet
- a pallet with the top deckboards or deck extending beyond the outer edge of the stringers or stringerboards and with the bottom deckboards or deck, if any, flush with the outer edges of the stringers or stringerboards

skid - a pallet without bottom deckboards or deck

slave pallet - rigid pallet or platform; single, thick panel used as a support base for a palletized load in warehouse rack-storage facilities or production systems

softwood - wood from coniferous or needlebearing species of trees (not necessarily soft in texture or of low density)

solid deck pallet - a pallet constructed of a single or multiple components without space between the deckboards or components (see panel deck pallet)

span - the distance between supports

strap sIot - recess or cutout in the upper edge of the stringer or the top or bottom pallet deck, designed to allow tie-down of a unit load to the pallet deck with strapping or banding; strap notch; banding notch

stringer - continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support and space the deck components, often identified by location as the outside, interior, or center stringer; bearer; runner

stringerboard - in block pallets, the continuous, solid board member extending for the full length of the pallet, perpendicular to the deckboard and placed between the deckboards and blocks, to serve as Support of deckboards or deck

top-deck of pallet - the assembly of components comprising the upper load-carrying pallet face

trip - a series of four to six handlings of a pallet, required to move a palletized unit load from the shipping point to the receiving point

two-way entry palIet - a pallet with unnotched solid stringers allowing entry only from the two opposite pallet ends; a pallet without notches in stringers

unit load - the assembly of goods or a single item on a pallet for handling, moving, storing, and stacking as a single entity; it includes the supporting pallet

warehouse pallet - a double-deck, flat, multiple-use, returnable pallet intended for general warehouse use

wing - overhang of deckboard or deck end from the outside edge of the stringer or stringerboard, to increase unit-load area, to add pallet load-bearing capacity, to reduce deckboard-end splitting by fasteners, and to facilitate the lifting of a pallet with bar slings hanging from a crane